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Here are some questions that people frequently ask Darryl.

What was your first paid job?
I was a lumberjack for six months.

Was it a job that you enjoyed?
Not really, I didn't like the noise of the chain saws. All the vibrations really affected my health. I had a full and fine head of hair when I began.

Do you like being a refrigerator engineer?
It's really good in the summer but it disturbs my chilblains in the winter.

Do many people think you look like William Hague?
It's just an accident of nature.

Where were you born?
Mother never told me. I tell everybody that I was born in Birmingham.

Were you happy as a child?
Some of the time. When I was in the country with Aunty Ethel I was very happy. Daddy used to get on at me when I wasn't perfect. He was a Corporal in the Army ... that's why he has a flag pole in the front garden.

Where did you meet Marge?
I first met Marge at the Golf Club. She was playing a round and I had called to fix the fridge in the kitchens. One of her golf balls came in through the window and hit me on the head. There was a big bump ... she kissed it better ... and that was the start of things.

How much do you earn?
Things are a bit tight at the moment. I've finished paying for the van now but it will soon need replacing. The kids are getting expensive now that they're growing up. Darryl Junior wants a new bike and Freesia wants some new ice-hockey gear. Marge has just got a part-time job at the Golf Club ... she cleans out the holes, rakes the sand in the bunkers and irons the flags. I don't really know how much I earn because the family spend it all.

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