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To the Milkman
To Darryl Junior's Teacher
To Daddy
To Mummy
To Mrs Smithers ( reply to complaint )
To Hubert

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Dear Milkman

Please leave three bottles of red top and six eggs.
Pay you on Tuesday.


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Dear Miss Smith

I'm sorry for all the trouble that I caused yesterday.

I didn't know that Ici had escaped from the back of the van. I'd dropped my glasses on the van floor and was trying to pick them up ... the bell rang and I brought Darryl straight in because I didn't want him to be late.

It wasn't his fault that I walked into the PE trolley and sent it wheeling down the corridor. When Ici saw it rushing towards him he just took fright!

I'm sorry for the mess he made. I tried to clean it up as best I could ... I will repaint the wall, I promise ... just like I did when I was in your class all those years ago. (Remember?)

Love Darryl

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Dear Daddy

I've gone and I'm not coming back.

I tried to do my homework but I  couldn't find the right answer. It's not fair that you grounded me for a month just because I forgot to carry a ten.  I don't like being shouted at.

I've taken a clean pair of socks and underpants so I should be alright for a week or two.

When you want me back just lower the flag on the pole in the front garden and MAYBE I'll come home.

It's not fair.


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Dear Mummy

I AM going to marry Margie no matter what you say.   I don't care if she is only a window cleaner's daughter ... she's good enough for me.  Think of it this way ... her father owns his own business ... he's a company director.

I'm old enough to decide for myself. After all I AM 30 now and I'm fed up of living at home.

I'm going to marry Margie, buy myself a blue and white van and mend fridges for a living. I've finished my course at night class now .... I'm qualified.

Margie can help me with the bills. I'll do the shopping on a Friday night ... they have automatic tills so it doesn't matter if I can't add up.

You'll be proud of me and Margie ... I'll be a business executive!! The son of an Educational Catering Officer .... how about that?



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Dear Mrs Smithers

I must apologise for not fixing the light inside your fridge properly. I used the wrong type of little man.  The only way to make sure that the light is switched off when the fridge door closes is to hide a small elf behind the butter tub ... then when the door closes he nips down and turns the light off.

I had not spotted that your fridge was made in Italy ... I should have used an Italian elf, but unfortunately I used a German one. 

If you are able to catch the elf I will of course replace it free of charge ... I enclose a pre-paid elf box for your reply.


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Oh Hubert....

My dear old precious pig. Expect a visitor soon. There's a little boy called Norman living in a tree house ... I've promised him my full support .... soon the winter will be here and it will be a bit chilly up his tree ... he's going to need somewhere warm !!


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