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Plans to create a American history section launched.


The Table boarders are given colour on the main page.


It has been along time again since the last update due to the webmaster sadly passing away. I am his son and will try to keep this site going. It might be a while before the site gets updated due to me working on my other site (The Inferno) and year 9 Homework and starting preparing for GCSEs.

Keep enjoying it ... and TEACHERS ... please sign the guestbook and let us know what you are doing with our pages. It will help us to develop more.


It's a long time since the last update ... sorry. Webmaster had a heart attack in June. Much better now and feeling like getting back to work. Interesting thought. Did the time put into the site contribute to the problem ... or did it relieve the stress?


Sorted out the Authors section. Most of the links were down!! Replaced JK Rowling with Shakespeare.


Still maintaining. Added sliding block puzzles to Diversity Section and some new clip art to the Aztecs.


It gets increasingly difficult to maintain the site. As more content is added then finding time to check links becomes a chore. IT WOULD REALLY HELP IF USERS WOULD REPORT BROKEN LINKS ETC. We would like to add something about AMERICAN HISTORY and a section about COUNTRIES for younger children next, but finding time is tough!!

Penmachno ... Maps and pictures of a small village in Wales. Very useful as a contrasting locality. QCA type planning is included.

We've started collecting email addresses for a Mailing List. We'll write a newsletter when we get to 200 ... got 170 at the moment.

The Nativity Kit was very well received. We'll leave it on the Menu for a while yet as it is still in demand ... the hide it until next Christmas.

Updated the Dominica Section. Links come and go!!


Story of Scruff's visit to Australia AT LAST


Something new at last. Roman Activities. It took a bit longer than expected. We haven't included a lot of information. You can get that from books or videos. These are things that children can actually DO!!

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