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The year is 420 BC. The Spartan army has been sitting outside Athens for the last 10 years except for one year when they had a truce. Nicias of Athens has now arranged another truce, supposed to last for 50 years. Everyone is allowed to go home. Athens keeps its land, and Sparta gets to keep all the land it had won in battle.
Not everybody welcomes this, especially Alcibiades who has just been elected STRATEGOS by the Athenians. Alcibiades becomes a real hero when he wins the Chariot racing at the Olympic Games.

Sparcus and his family have seen many changes! But the Spartans themselves have NOT changed.

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Sparcus the Younger Patronus the Grandfather Polonia the Daughter Trepula the Mother Zeus the Dog Sparcus the Elder

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Poliphus and his family are still going strong.
They all survived the plague and now look forward to better times ahead.

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Poliphus the Younger Grampus the Grandfather Carintha the Daughter Messupa
the Grand Mother
Appala the Mother Poliphus the Elder

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Summary of Episode 2

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