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The year is 415 BC. The war between Athens and Sparta has started again. Alcibiades has persuaded the Athenians to attack Syracuse in Sicily with a massive fleet of triremes.  The aim is to cut off Sparta's supply of  food and bring the enemy to its knees. Alcibiades and Nicias have been made joint commanders of the Athenian fleet. But all does not go according to plan. There is treachery afoot.

Letters are received by each member of the family. Read them as historical evidence. Can you discover what dreadful things our 'friend' Alcibiades has done ... and what dreadful deeds have been done by others?

Sparcus' family welcome a new friend and seem to be in turmoil. Death is in the air.

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Sparcus the Younger Patronus the Grandfather Polonia the Daughter Trepula the Mother Zeus the Dog Sparcus the Elder

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Poliphus and his family are feeling betrayed. There is danger, disaster and difficulty ahead.

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Poliphus the Younger Grampus the Grandfather Carintha the Daughter Messupa
the Grand Mother
Appala the Mother Poliphus the Elder

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Summary of Episode 3

For teachers only!!