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The year is 404 BC. The war has rumbled on from battle to battle. Alcibiades has done his best to complicate matters by changing sides yet again and even bringing the Persians into the war. In 405 BC the Spartan fleet defeated the Athenians at the Aegospotami River. They then invaded Attica itself and after a short struggle forced Athens to surrender.

Our families have come a long way since 430 BC.

Sparcus' family are victorious, but are they happy and glorious?

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Sparcus the Younger Patronus the Grandfather Polonia the Daughter Trepula the Mother Zeus the Dog Sparcus the Elder

Poliphus and his family are defeated. How will they fare under Spartan rule?

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Poliphus the Younger Grampus the Grandfather Carintha the Daughter Messupa
the Grand Mother
Appala the Mother Poliphus the Elder


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Summary of Act 4

For teachers only!!