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Can you identify the birds that live in Uncle Eric's garden? There are no RARE birds, just those you might see in your own garden.

Small Robin

Bird Spotting

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Uncle Eric would like to give you a CLOSE UP tour of his garden. You will be amazed at what you can find if you look CLOSELY.

Down at the bottom of Uncle Eric's garden is a wood. It's a dangerous place, especially if you are an animal. If you   would like to find out why click on the badger.

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The Wood

Eric among the flowers
DIY Garden

Would YOU like to make a garden just like Uncle Eric's? Or perhaps a garden just of your own.  Use your mouse to drag and drop the flowers and frogs and anything else you may find ... to make a garden of your own. You'll need to use the BACK button to come back here.

Here's a lot of information about the birds in Uncle Eric's garden. You could use it to draw graphs, make up quizzes or even put it into a database.

A lot of birds

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Lots of Activities

This section of our website gives an opportunity for children (K-3) and teachers to think together about the simple differences and similarities between and amongst plants, animals and human beings.


If you would like to try some 
Scanning Electron Microscopy then explore
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There are hundreds of 'printouts' of animals, birds and insects at Enchanted Learning. This link leads you to the Insect page.

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