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This is the story of the farmer in his den.

There is a traditional children's song which goes......

The farmer's in his den,
The farmer's in his den,
E - I - Addio ,
The farmer's in his den.
Farmer Stephenson and a bald black sheep
The song continues ....

The farmer wants a wife,
The wife wants a child
The child wants a nurse
The nurse wants a dog
The dog wants a bone
We all pat the bone !!!

It's a mystery as to why they should pat the dog and not the bone. 

This story tries to explain why things happened as they did .... and as quickly as they did.

The text contains a good variety of punctuation, especially contractions.

But most of all the message is a welcome one.

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zelo.jpg (4085 bytes) There are different endings to this rhyme. 
You can find one different ending at the Zelo Website by clicking on the picture.

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