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If there is too much water in a river or rain is too heavy then you might get a flood.

Floods are not always a 'bad' thing to happen.

In this picture the River Nile in Egypt has flooded. Fresh rich soil has been carried by the water into the fields.

The River Nile in flood.

But usually floods are dangerous. They cause great damage and can kill many people.  The next pictures show floods that have been caused by heavy rain or melting snow  sometimes hundreds of miles away.

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A Chinese flood.

The water is 6 metres deep.

In 1998 the Yangtze River in China broke through its banks in many places. This man has lost his house. All that he has left is the small pile in front of him. This boat carries men through six-metre deep floods to their village. More than 1,000 people died in the raging flood waters.

An Australian flood.

It's a house!!

In August 1998, Bathurst, 209 km west of Sydney, suffered the worst flood in the town's   history. They were lucky. The water only rose slowly. No such luck here. The water sweeps away  farmhouses and anything else that gets in its way. Think about the animals!

The Mississippi


The Mississippi floods regularly. The flood of 1993 was unusual in that it reached well beyond the "100 year" level. The "100 year" level simply means a flood so big that it's only likely to happen once in a hundred years.

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Local Flooding

Sometimes it just rains so hard that the drains and soil just can't soak up the water quick enough. Then you get a 'local' flood.

In some of the hot parts of the world there is the monsoon! It doesn't rain for long ... just a heavy shower. These pictures were taken on one afternoon in August 1998  in Malaysia.

A rickshaw in a monsoon shower

You get used to the rain!

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If you would like to see a picture of a flood from high above then click on me.  The pictures come from Marysville, California and were taken in 1997.

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In November 2000, the Snaith area was flooded too. The village of Gowdall was badly hit. Click on me to see OUR experience of flooding.

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