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The Germans are very good at making things. They make motor cars ... ( BMW, Mercedes etc ) ; televisions (Grundig) ... all sorts of things . They love decorating the outside of their houses ... they are a very colourful people.  The time has come to go home, but before we go we are going to visit the GIFT SHOP and choose our presents. Very German gifts. The gifts are VERY expensive ... but as we are only VIRTUAL shopping, we can afford what we like.

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Off you go to the shops. If you get lost ask a policeman or click on the BACK button on the browser.  You COULD BUY .......

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A charming German Doll Marzipan figurines A wooden clown figurine A weatherhouse A gnome for the garden
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  A delicious creamy torte.
$12 each!!
A beer stein A music box. You might want to stay in this store!!!  

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