The Early Aztecs
Where did the Aztecs come from?



Who was their chief?



Why did they build their city in the middle of a swamp?



Who was the first Emperor of the Aztecs?


How did the Aztecs thank their god for helping them to find a place to settle?

I am a Warrior

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Can you find out what was happening back in Europe at this time? You could find out who were the Kings & Queens for instance.

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The Aztec Gods
What was the name of the main god of the Aztecs?



What does his name mean?


What kind of people did Tezcatlipoca look after?



What does his name mean?


Who was Quetzalcoatl's friend?


Why didn't Quetzalcoatl like temples with edges?



What does Tlaloc's name mean?


What did the Aztecs think about Tlaloc and why?




Why did the gods get upset with Chalchiuhtlicue?



Which other ancient story that you have heard is very much like this one?



What does his name mean?


Why did Aztec warriors like hummingbirds?


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Other fascinating things about the Aztec gods and goddesses

A noblewoman







The Templo Mayor

When did the Aztecs begin to build their temple?


How many years did it take to build the temple?


Describe the people who might come out of the House of the Priests?



The Priest house

What would find at the top of the steps of the Great Temple?


Would they have let YOU learn at the School of Priests?



What might happen to your head if you were sent to the House of the Sun?


In what ways was the BALLGAME different to Soccer?


Why was the temple of Quetzacoatl round?


Did the Pipiltin sleep upstairs?



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Other fascinating things about the Templo Mayor.



An Aztec Indian

Everyday life.

What were Chinampas?


What might you see on a Chinampa?


How would you go about cooking tlaxcallis?


How did the Aztecs make their clothes?


Do you think the Aztec's fishing nets would last long?



How would you get rid of a spot on your nose?



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Other fascinating things about everyday life in Tenochtitlan.





A musician