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To Edward Lear

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Judy Blume

Judy Blume fan Judy writes....

"I made up stories playing with paper dolls.  And I made them up while I practiced the piano, by pretending to give piano lessons."


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Judy tells us what it is like being a writer. She always had stories in her head. Click on Judy's picture .... read what Judy says.

Writers have dreams.

What kind of dreams did Judy have when she was growing up?

Writers don't just sit down and start to write ....

How does Judy make up her characters?

Writers use what they know about the world in their stories.

How does Judy decide on a 'setting' for one of her books?

You need to explore Judy's web site now ....

Find the page about 'Freckle Juice'

How did Judy come up with this story?

Judy tells us what she was like when she was growing up.

Did she just lie about all day watching the tele and munching crisps?

If you want to be a writer you need to be a 'reader'. Do you agree?

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