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Guthrum surrenders to Alfred

The Viking leader Guthorm had an army. He decided that he would attack the only part of England that was not under Viking control ... the Kingdom of Wessex, ruled by Alfred.

In 878 Alfed's Saxon army and Guthorm's Viking army fought a battle at a place called Eddington.

This painting shows a scene after the battle.

Can you work out who everybody is and what happened?

I wonder who won?

1. Who won the battle?
    Was it No 1 or No 2?

2. What is No 1 doing?

3. What is No 1's name?

4. What is No 2's name?

5. Why is No 3 holding a book?

6. Is No 5 a Saxon or a Viking?

7. Are No 4 Saxons or Vikings ?

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