I'm a little viking


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If you were a Saxon living in England in 871 and you were getting a bit fed up of being raided by Vikings you might have expected the Government to do something about it. You would have been disappointed ... there wasn't any proper Government. England was split into small Kingdoms, each with their own King. One of these Kingdoms was called Wessex and in 871 their King was Alfred.

Here are some pictures of Alfred. You might think about why they are all different.

I'm Alfred

I'm the real Alfred

The others are all fakes

Don't believe them

I belong to the Royal Portrait Collection

I'm trying to catch a bus

If you use the mouse you might find the 'real' Alfred ... click on him to find out more.

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Another of the Kings of England during Viking times was Canute. Most people remember him for trying to hold back the tide.

My feet are getting wet

People thought I could do anything ... even hold back the tide. I told them that only God could do that ... but they made me try anyway. I was the first real King of ALL England. Click on my handsome face and sort out my time line.

It is Canute

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