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Dear Children

I'm back home now in Snaith. I just want to say thank you to everybody for giving me such a wonderful time. I must have met hundreds of people and travelled thousands of miles. I've got some really good memories.

  • of Mr Hughes eating octopus
  • of Carles' driving
  • of Imma's little lemon car
  • my girlfriend Marika
  • the cheese and pickle sandwich on the aeroplane
  • Outi's story about when the Vikings came to Finland and everybody hid behind a bush.

I learned how to skate and how to ski. I even learned how to play rugby. I got VERY muddy. When Mrs Hardman saw me she said that I had to go straight into the 'tub'.

I learned how children can be friends. No matter which country you come from, no matter which language you speak ... you can make friends. I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody again and getting to know them even better. There's so much to learn and do yet .... I want to

  • sing with a welsh choir
  • go fishing for pike in a Finnish lake.
  • watch Rivaldo playing for Barcelona
  • get Mr Hughes to try eating whelks
  • show Anna Liisa and Outi the shops in Gowdall
  • take Gemma and Imma around Tescos
  • take Carles clog dancing ... he'd really like that.
  • I'd like all the Headteachers to play in a cricket match!!

I missed seeing the children in Igualada. I'll come if you ask me ... especially if Barca are playing at home!!

We must keep in touch ... write soon. I'll write back.

Missing you all


Scruff  XXXXX

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