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Here are some different styles of time line.  Some are more complicated than others.  I suppose the 'dates' are important to remember  ... but the idea of a time line is really to show the order in which events happened in history.

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If you wish to see a 'real' time-line look at the HyperHistory  website. Click on one of the 'dates' to get started when you get there. Or you could try a History of Flight time-line from the Science Museum in London.

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Even Star Wars has its own time-line. It's a bit difficult to follow. You can  make a time line about the life a person. This is a very brave girl called Ann Frank.

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Perhaps you could find a time line about YOUR country. This one is all about Canada. This time line is about the geological history of the whole earth.
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You can have a time line all about explorers. This time line shows the history of toys and games.

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