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Print this out.

The Images of Egypt Website could keep you busy all day.

Explore the site and see how quickly you can find the following information. Use the 'interactive' map to help you find the different sections.

Then have a good explore on your own. Enjoy looking at the photographs.

Look in the Giza section .
. .
Tell me the names of three pyramids. .
How much gold was in the coffin of King Tut? .
When was King Tut's tomb found? .
What did the Mamelukes do to the Sphinx? .
Look in the Aswan section .
. .
How long did it take the Russians to build the dam? .
How far is it from Aswan to Abu Simbal? .
Who was the God of Darkness? .
. .
How did Tutankhamun die? You'll have to search the other sections to find this. .