today5.gif (2260 bytes)        All About Germany


1. What time do the banks and post offices close?   _________________

2. On which day would it be difficult to see a doctor?  ________________

3. What number would you dial to call the police in an emergency? _____________

4. What number would you call if your house was on fire?   _____________

5. How many people live in Germany ?  ______________

6. What is the area of Germany ?  _________ km2         ___________ sq miles

7. What is the highest point ?  ____________ metres     ___________ feet

8. How many people live in the capital city?    _________________

9. If you used every road in Germany how many miles would you have travelled?


10. How long is Germany's coastline ?  ___________ km   ___________ miles.


You might find there is a problem with the km to miles converter. Is the decimal point in the correct place? You might e-mail them!!