A Trip to Hannover Zoo

An Englishman

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         TEXT to show a menu with BACK on it.

A.  So here we are at the Zoo. Some of the words seem very familiar... Click on SERVICE

Now click on Offnungszeiten and tell me.  ( mehr means MORE )

1. At what time does the zoo close in October?     ______________

Now click on Eintrittspreise ( Entrance price? ) and tell me.

2. How much would it cost for a ten year kinder to enter the zoo?  ____________
3. How much would it cost to take your dog inside?    _____________

That wasn't too difficult was it?

zoo2.jpg (2190 bytes)

B.  Click on  Tier von A-Z        This is obviously some kind of alphabetical list.

So click on the list and find out .......

1. What is a Flußpferd ?  ______________  What is a schimpansen ? _____________

What is an Eisbär? ____________ How heavy is an Eisbär ?  ____________

What is a Spitzmaulnashorn ? ________________ How fast can it run?  ________

C. Now let's meet Tatzi Tatz. Click on   zoo3.jpg (2383 bytes)             

There's a game here called Senso Ohne Sound.
Click on the words and see if you can work out how to play. Watch for the ringed animals and click. If you get some right ... you might be asked a question ( in German of course )

D. Click on    zoo1.jpg (2052 bytes)      The left drop down menu says Showplan!!

What time is the elefant show on Monday?
What time is the Seal show on Wednesday?

Now change the left drop down menu from Showplan to Futteruing Plan
What time is the Hippopatamus fed on Friday?

E. Now let's go to the Gift Shop. Click on   zoo4.jpg (2080 bytes)

In which shop can you buy Beanie Babies ?
In which shop can you buy African goods ?
In which shop can you find Indonesian goods?

F. Now we will have a look at the map of the Zoo. Click           zoo5.jpg (1871 bytes)

Wait for the map to load. You can drag it around using the left mouse button. As you pass the mouse over the map the animals appear. Try to sneak up on them!!

Who is in the same pen as the Giraffe?
Who is just south of the Eisenbaren?
Who is in the pool to the west of the Flusspferd?
What is the Wegbeschreibung?
Which two animals live next door to the Trampeltier?
Who lives south of the Elefant?

G. So it's now time for the gastebuch!!

Read the some of the comments in the gastebuch ... try and pick out words ... I wonder what 'alter' means ....

Press Neuer Eintrang .... make sure that whatever you write in text is polite and interesting ... then ASK TEACHER IF YOU CAN PRESS Abschicken and see what happens!!

H. Just before we go .....

If you get stuck ... you may have noticed that you can see the site in English too!!

I hope you enjoyed your trip to the zoo ... in German !!