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The Fifth Sun

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Other gods grew jealous of the Sun God; some reproached her for giving fire to humans -- 
for they did not always use it wisely. for they did not take care of it. for they had no idea what to do with it.
Tezcatlipoca, began to torment the gentle copper Sun while she was resting in the gloom.
She took no notice of him and continued her rest. She became angry and told him that he was foolish. She burst into tears and her light went out.
But the Earth was still plunged into utter gloom; it had no dawn, no dusk, no sunlit days.
Rain poured down from the skies and flooded the valleys. The Sun shone and made the rain fall once again. The waters of the Earth could not be drunk
Then two Gods volunteered to sacrifice themselves so that a new fifth sun could be created.
Little Nana threw herself into the fire eagerly. Tecuciztecatl threw himself into the fire eagerly. Both willingly sacrificed themselves
Little Nana  took her seat upon a throne of billowing clouds. She had golden shining tresses strung with pearls and precious shell, shimmering in the mists of dawn; her lips were brightest scarlet.  The gods declared that
never was the daylight so bright,,,
never was the evening so beautiful. never was the dawn so beautiful.
The gods were angry with the feeble Moon and one flung a rabbit at him - the nearest thing at hand. The rabbit flew straight and true, striking the Moon full in the face.
The rabbit lives there still. The rabbit's flying feet mark the craters of the moon. The rabbit was not too pleased!

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