The Fifth Sun


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(from quetzalli, "precious feather," and coatl, "snake"), the Feathered Serpent, was one of the major gods of the Aztecs.

Quetzalcoatl was the god of morning and the evening star.


As the morning and evening star, Quetzalcoatl was the symbol of death and resurrection.

With his friend, Xolotl, a dog-headed god, he was said to have descended to the underground hell of Mictlan to gather the bones of the ancient dead. Those bones he smeared with his own blood, giving birth to the men who inhabit the present universe.

Quetzalcoatl was often shown as a man with a beard named Ehecatl, the wind god. Sometimes he was shown wearing a mask with two protruding tubes (through which the wind blew) and a conical hat.

The temple Quetzalcoatl at Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital, was a round building, a shape that fitted Ehecatl. Circular temples were believed to please Ehecatl because they offered no sharp obstacles to the wind.

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