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Ravan's trick

One beautiful morning, Sita spotted a deer outside their hut. She had never seen such a beautiful animal before.

She asked Ram to bring her the deer as a pet so that she would have company while they were away hunting.

Chase the deer  

Ram told Laxman not to leave Sita’s side for a moment.

He followed the deer into the forest to capture it and bring it back for his wife.


Ram found the deer hard to catch and it led him  deeper and deeper into the dark, dark forest.

Finally, Ram strung his bow and shot an arrow that pierced the deer’s heart.

The deer was changed   into the demon Maricha.

It wasn't a deer after all

"Sita … Laxman" called the demon sounding just like Ram

Ram knew that something was terribly wrong, and rushed back to Sita.

Back at the hut Sita and Laxman heard what they thought was Ram’s voice. Sita begged Laxman to go and help Ram’s.  Laxman didn’t know what to do.

It's a trick!!

He had promised his brother that he would not leave Sita but he wanted to rush to help Ram if he was in trouble.

"Go and help Ram," argued Sita. Laxman agreed.

He drew a circle around the hut with his arrow and told Sita that she must not step across this line. As long as she stayed behind this line, no harm would come to her.

As soon as Laxman went into the forest, an old hermit came to the hut begging for food. Sita gave him food but was careful to stay behind the line that Laxman had drawn.

But the old man said that he couldn’t reach the cup of water that she had put down for him.

"Step forward my dear," he said.

Sita stepped across the line. Instantly, she was caught in a vice-like grip as Ravan took hold of her.    Sita was frightened. She tried to struggle but Ravan was too strong.

Ravan didn't know which way to look

Ravan bundled Sita into his magnificent flying chariot and sped off to Lanka ... Sita was his prisoner.

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