I knew Robin Hood

Robin Hood

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The Legend of Robin Hood is a traditional English tale dating back into the middle ages.

In the 17th century, ballads were composed explaining how various Merry Men met Robin Hood.


I'm not Maid Marion

Here is one of the traditional stories about Robin and how he met 'Little John', from The English and Scottish Popular Ballads by Francis James Child, 1888.

The language used is an example of the way in which people wrote in the past.

The spellings are those used by Francis Child.


Next to each verse there is a text box if you want to make 'notes', correct spellings, write the main idea ....  

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I knew Robin Hood

There's a 'classic' song about Robin Hood.

Click on me to see the words and play SOME of the tune.

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If you would like to know more details about Robin Hood and his Merry Men ( and women ) ... visit the

Robin Hood of Barnsdale and Sherwood website.

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