Long live Prince John


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Lo! see my staff, it is lusty and tough,
Now here on the bridge we will play;

Whoever falls in, the other shall win
The battel, and so we'll away.

'With all my whole heart,' the stranger re-ply'd;
'I scorn in the least to give out;'
This said, they fell to't without more dispute,

And their staffs they did flourish about.

And first Robin  gave the stranger a bang,
So hard that it made his bones ring:

The stranger he said, This must be repaid,
I'll give you as good as you bring.

So long as I'm able to handle my staff,
To die in your debt, friend, I scorn:

Then to it each goes, and followd their blows,
As if they had been threshing of corn.

The stranger gave Robin a crack on the crown,
Which caused the blood to appear;

Then Robin, enrag'd, more fiercely engag'd,
And followd his blows more severe.

So thick and fast did he lay it on him,
With a passionate fury and ire,

At every stroke, he made him to smoke,
As if he had been all on fire.

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