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I hope there's a big tree in the middle of the Fields of Elysium.

Cerebus, the three headed dog.

I won't be long.
I've gone! I was 28 when I went, which was incredible. I must have been the most Ancient Greek dog ever. I think I will be missed. There's only one problem.  I've forgotten to bring Hermes with me. I asked Charon if I could go back to get him. Charon just pointed to a huge 3 headed dog with the tail of a dragon. Cerebus was its name. Its job is to stand at the entrance to the underworld to stop the dead getting out again. He wouldn't let me past ... that must mean I'm dead.   Charon says that I am a 'dead cert' for the Fields of Elysium. He's going to let me wait for Hermes across the other side before I have to drink the waters of forgetfulness.   He's a nice man ... a very nice man.


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