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To Sparcus the Younger

You passed your test just for this moment.  You are now a full citizen and a soldier of proud Sparta. I am honoured to have a son in Syracuse with the Sicilian army.

The Sicilians are good fighters, listen to what they say and tell them this.

Take the Athenian fleet by suprise ... Alcibiades says that they will not have lookouts. Fire ships would be a good idea. The fleet will be crowded in the harbour. 134 triremes cannot leave in a hurry.  When the wind is in the right direction send in the fire ships and watch them burn the Athenians.

When the Athenians flee and try to cross the marshes attack them every hour of the day. Drive them towards the river. They will be thirsty. Wait for them in hiding until try to cross ... and then .....

It will be a glorious victory my son.

Death to Athens

Love Daddy (Sparcus the Elder)


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