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To my Father

Come home at once. The helots won't revolt just yet.

Sad news.  Patronus died yesterday. He was just sitting there with that wretched Alcibiades, enjoying the sun ... playing with Hermes the dog ... enjoying a glass of new wine.  He just slumped forwards over the table, turned his head, muttered 'Iolanda' , and died.

It was so sudden. If he hadn't been such an Ancient Greek you might have suspected that he had been poisoned or something.

The King and the other Ephorates have arranged his funeral ... just a simple affair, very Spartan. They wait for your return. 

So leave off chasing the helots, especially that Pyramus. He means no harm, he just likes the sound of his own voice ... no one listens to him.

Trepula is behaving very strangely.

Come soon ...

From Polonia


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