The Princess

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Orion, the Hunter knew about Ixtaccihuatl. He knew that she loved all the animals and protected them. He knew that she fed the people and helped to clothe them. She was a kind and gentle mountain.
He promised the Queen that he would take Ixtaccihuatl. He would not promise to kill her. The Queen Returning Beauty assumed nothing. "Bring me her heart when it is finished." She told the Hunter.
Orion told Ixtaccihuatl that the Queen wanted to destroy her. He could do nothing for her but he would let her live. It was up to her to find her own way. Ixtaccihuatl thanked the hunter and covered herself with trees.
The Hunter returned to the Queen with Capella (Alpha Aurigae) the treasure chest. In it was the heart of a boar. The Queen was pleased and went her way across the heavens.
It was not long before Ixtaccihuatl discovered Seven Little Mountains filled with treasures around her. Together, they had a happy life. The land prospered.

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