The Princess

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For many years, Popo and Ixtaccihuatl lived happily with the people and the animals.
However, one day, Queen Returning Beauty flew by the lake again. The Queen asked the lake the same question and received the same picture in the water.
By this time, the Queen was very old and very ugly. She still had beautiful clothes but the people recognized her as the comet that caused many tears in the land.
The Queen became very, very angry and brought a great fire wind to the land; she also sent many stars to battle with the land.
Popo shot arrows of fire, the Seven small mountains also shot stones and arrows into the skies against the evil Queen.
The Queen fled; on her feet were great shoes of iron that burned and burned. Finally, she fell into the Ocean Sea and died.
Popo, and Queen Ixtaccihuatl lived happily ever after with the seven small mountains in the magic land of fruit and flowers.

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