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The Source of the Thames

All rivers have a beginning.

This beginning is called the SOURCE of the river. Rivers flow downhill...  so as you would expect river sources are usually in hills or mountains. 

Springs come rushing out of hillsides and a river begins. But it doesn't always happen like that.

The picture on the left is the source of the River Thames in England.  Nothing is rushing here.

This looks a bit more like the source of a river.

The River Derwent in England begins as a spring high up on the moorland.

The source of the Derwent

The source of the Nile

 A river in Iceland

Not all rivers begin as a spring.
The River Nile begins as the water flows out of Lake Victoria.
In Iceland the River Jökulsa a Fjöllum begins from a melting glacier.

The source of the Ganges

Boiling lake is steaming.

The River Ganges begins where melting water from a glacier rushes from a small ice cave in the Himalaya mountains. In Dominica the White River has its source in a boiling volcanic lake.


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