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R L Stine

R L Stine fan

R.L.Stein has some good advice for you...

"If you want to be a writer, don't worry so much about writing. Read as much as you can. Read as many different writers as you can. Soak up the styles. You can learn all kinds of ways to say things."

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R.L has written quite a lot of books!!
Click on his picture to enter the GOOSEBUMPS website and use the drop down menus to answer these quaetions about his books.

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In Goosebumps 11 ( The Haunted Mask)

How ugly is Carly Beth's Halloween mask?

In Goosebumps 18 (Monster Blood 2)

How was Evan punished for making up stories?

In Goosebumps 21 (Go Eat Worms)

Where did Todd keep his worms?

In Goosebumps 26 (My Hairiest Adventure)

What happened when Larry rubbed on the INSTA-TAN?

In Goosebumps 44 (Say Cheese and Die ... Again )

Do you think Greg REALLY digs up the camera?

In Goosebumps 59 (The Haunted School)

What does Tommy hear when he gets lost?

There are so many Goosebumps books that we have not asked about. Why don't you try making up some question sheets like this for others to 'surf' for the answers?

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To read RL's life story click on us.

R L Stine's story

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