Act 1



  1. How old was Sparcus the Younger when he started school?    
  1. What do the Spartans feel about reading and writing?
  1. How long will Sparcus stay at school? 
  1. What will happen to him if he fails his test?
  1. How old are Spartan soldiers when they retire?
  1. What was Patronus' first battle?
  1. What did Polonia learn at school?
  1. Why did the Spartans want women to be strong?
  1. What will happen to Polonia when she is 18?
  1. Why do Spartan soldiers inspect babies?
  1. What happens if they don't pass their inspection?
  1. How long does it take to train to be a soldier? 
  1. Where does Sparcus the Elder live?
  1. What does he want to do when he is 60?