Act 1



  1. How old was Poliphus the Younger when he started school?    
  1. What  were the two most important things that Polphus would learn?
  1. How long will Poliphus stay at school? 
  1. Where was Carintha taught?
  1. Who would teach Carintha?
  1. Was Grampus on the side of Pericles?
  1. What did Grampus want to do to the Spartans?
  1. Why did the Athenians make their own clothes?
  1. How did they make perfume?
  1. Why do the ladies have to wear their finest clothes today?
  1. Why doesn't Pericles go out very often?
  1. Why doesn't Appala go out very often? 
  1. Do the Greeks eat meat?
  1. Why does Pericles treat Poliphus as a friend?