Act 2



  1. Why did Sparcus the Younger get beaten?    
  1. How does he feel now that the war is over?
  1. What happened to Patronus when he was 60 years old? 
  1. What important job has Patronus got now?
  1. What does Patronus have to do with babies?
  1. Who has Polonia fallen in love with?
  1. Why is Polonia's new boyfriend a problem?
  1. Why is Trepula worried about Iolanda?
  1. Is Trepula going to be brave?
  1. Why is Zeus sad?
  1. What is Sparcus the Elder's job?
  1. Who owns Hermes? 
  1. Why does Polonia look at Sparcus strangely?
  1. Does Sparcus need permission to kill?