Act 2



  1. Why did Poliphus give up school?    
  1. What exciting new job did he get?
  1. What is a Tethrippon? 
  1. How does Alcibiades show Grampus that he is a friend?
  1. How long had it been since Grampus could walk outside the city walls?
  1. How do you know Carintha wants to be married?
  1. Who is she marrying?
  1. What does she think about her new husband?
  1. Why was it unusual for Messupa to travel to Delphi?
  1. What kind of gifts do you think she would take to the Oracle?
  1. Did Appala dance with her husband at the wedding?
  1. How did Momes make perfume? 
  1. Who went to Carintha's wedding?
  1. How much older was Diomedes than Carintha?