Act 3



  1. Where is Sparcus the Younger?    
  1. What is he doing there?
  1. Iolanda mentions a man with a black beard. Who is he and what is the name of his dog? 
  1. Which two things is Iolanda really good at?
  1. Who does Trepula think is the most rotten. Alcibiades or Patronus?
  1. Why does Patronus think Trepula has sent him a 'potion'?
  1. Why did Trepula REALLY send the potion?
  1. What was Sparcus the Elder doing when Patronus died?
  1. Why was Sparcus interested in Pyramus?
  1. How do you know Polonia was a STRONG girl?
  1. Would Sparcus be pleased if he knew that Polonia was meeting Pyramus?
  1. What kind of food did Hermes like? 
  1. Why can't Hermes and Zeus run about?
  1. Who does Hermes belong to?