Act 3



  1. Where is Poliphus the Younger?    
  1. Where does he sit?
  1. What is the smell like? 
  1. What advice does Alatus give to Poliphus?
  1. What has happened to Alcibiades?
  1. Why is Grampus in danger?
  1. Where will Grampus hide?
  1. Where does Messupa get all her information from?
  1. Who is the hairy man in tears?
  1. How did the soldiers know where to find Grampus?
  1. Why should Carintha run away?
  1. Who had "eyes as red as if he had seen demons" ? 
  1. How did the Sicilians destroy the Athenian fleet?
  1. How many Athenians survived?