Act 4



  1. Where is Sparcus the Younger?    
  1. What is he making the Athenians do?
  1. What is he looking forward to? 
  1. Where will Patronus finish up if you judge him to be evil?
  1. How did he pay the Ferryman?
  1. How did Polonia die?
  1. What did the Secret Police tell Sparcus about how she died?
  1. Why did the Secret Police lie?
  1. Why does Trepula have a statue made?
  1. What does Trepula REALLY think about Patronus?
  1. Why couldn't Zeus go back to collect Hermes?
  1. How did Zeus know that he was dead? 
  1. Why is Sparcus returning to Athens?
  1. Did Sparcus believe the Secret Police about the death of Polonia?