Act 4



  1. What has happened to Poliphus?    
  1. What is he thinking about?
  1. What happens to you when you drink from the River Lethe? 
  1. Are Spartans allowed on the Fields of Elysium?
  1. Where has Diomedes gone?
  1. What is Carintha hoping for when she says that she wants to decorate the doorway with an olive wreath?
  1. What is a Tyrant?
  1. Why is Appala proud of Poliphus the Younger?
  1. Who is the tall, dark handsome stranger?
  1. Why is he wandering around the Fields of Elysium?
  1. Who is the cloven hoofed figure playing a flute?
  1. Why did Poliphus think that democracy was a waste of time ? 
  1. How many tyrants were there? Was it a good idea to have so many?
  1. What does Poliphus mean when he says that Alcibiades will be his first bit of tyranny?