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The war has ended. The Spartan army has returned home and life is once again back to normal.

Patronus has done very well for himself. He is now a VERY ancient greek and has been elected a member of the EPHORATE, so he is one of the top five citizens of Sparta.

Trepula has had another child, Iolanda. Unfortunately Iolanda is not PERFECT. She has a finger missing. This means that she is destined to become a helot (slave) and it is Patronus, her Grandfather, who will have to make the decision to have her 'cast out'.

Sparcus the elder spent a very happy war as chief of the Spartan secret police. He had licence to kill any slave who was showing signs of being a troublemaker. He's got his sharp eye on a slave called Pyramus. It is a real co-incidence that his daughter Polonia has fallen in love with Pyramus. I think there is going to be a problem there.

Zeus the dog is not happy. He made friends with a little Athenian dog called Hermes, but Hermes ( who belongs to Alcibiades ) is still in Athens. Zeus, who is now becoming an 'ancient' greek dog, is missing his friend.

Sparcus the younger will have to wait his turn to fight. He is doing well at school and is becoming a true Spartan.

Meanwhile in Athens ...

Life has suddenly got better and Poliphus and family are thinking about weddings and chariot racing.

Carintha is to be married to Alcibiades' friend Diomedes. The whole family seems to be honoured by being involved with Alcibiades. Poliphus the Younger is to hold his chariot at the games ... even Grampus gets in on the act and is allowed to look after his dog, Hermes!!

Appala is determined to have a lavish wedding and Messupa has gone to Delphi to see what the future holds.

All in all the Athenians seem to be in a better state than the Spartans ... what do you think?