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The year is 404 BC. The war between Athens and Sparta is now over. The Spartan fleet defeated the Athenian fleet and it was only a short time until the Athenians surrendered.

Alcibiades, after changing sides many times has gone to live with the Persian Army in Phrygia.

They were made to knock down the walls round the city. The Spartans replaced the 'democracy' of Athens with a tyrany of 30 rulers ... one of whom is Poliphus.

As you may expect, some of our friends have now become too ancient to exist anymore, and they must enter into the underworld. Greek custom placed a coin in the mouth of the dead so that they could pay Charon to ferry them across the river Styx to their final resting place. Most ended up in the Fields of Elysium, but if you were incredibly bad then you were sent to Tartarus. None of our friends are quite bad enough for that.

The Spartans have fared reasonably well. Sparcus the Younger is awaiting his promotion and Sparcus the Elder is heading to Athens to set up the Tyranny.  Tragedy strikes when Polonia and Pyramus are both killed by a lion.  The Secret Police change the story of what really happened to make out that Polonia was in fact a heroine of the state!!  Trepula still misses Iolanda and is covering her tracks over Patronus' murder by having a statue made in his honour.  The two dogs are too ancient to survive now and they travel to the underworld to meet Cerebus!!

The Athenians are recovering from defeat. Poliphus the Younger has taken up his studies again. His mother is looking after him whilst Poliphus the Elder does a bit of serious tyranny.  Grampus and Messupa find themselves without memories in the fields of Elysium. Messupa in facts meets the tall handsome stranger that the Oracle at Delphi told her about. He looks strangely familiar. Carintha is with child again and hoping for a boy this time.

But apart from the unresolved question of Alchibiades, that is where we must leave this little saga. There are hundreds of years of Greek history left yet ... Alexander the Great hasn't arrived yet ... but no time in our curriculum for any more fun!! What a shame.