The Fifth Sun


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Tlaloc was the Aztec rain god

His name means He Who Makes Things Sprout.

Tlaloc was the eighth ruler of the days and the ninth lord of the nights.

Tlaloc was pictured as a man wearing a net of clouds, a crown of heron feathers, foam sandals and carrying rattles to make thunder.


Tlaloc lived in a place the Aztecs called Tlalocan. He lived there with  his companion, Chalchiuhtlicue (She Who Wears a Jade Skirt), also called Matlalcueye (She Who Wears a Green Skirt), the goddess of freshwater lakes and streams. Tlalocan was also the place where all people who had drowned 'lived'.

Part of The Teocalli (Great Temple) at Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital, was dedicated to Tlaloc, and was painted in white and blue.

Tlaloc was  greatly feared.

He could send out the rain or provoke drought and hunger.

He hurled lightning upon the earth and unleashed the devastating hurricanes.

It was believed that he could send down to the earth different kinds of rain which would help crops grow or destroy them. 

Certain illnesses, such as dropsy, leprosy, and rheumatism, were said to be caused by Tlaloc.


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