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This section of our site is written for 6,7,8 year old children.

Uncle Eric has a garden. There is nothing strange or unusual in it. It's just an ordinary garden.  Children often take the simple things for granted. They do not look closely.

What's that? You may ask. They may reply that it's a bird, but they haven't an idea of what kind .... so we've a section on simple bird identification.

To put over the idea of looking at things closely, we've designed an activity where they can look very closely ... using a scanning electron microscope. Ordinary things look very different.

Down at the bottom of the garden there is a wood. Children need to realise that woods and gardens don't just sit there and look pretty ... they are active and the creatures who live there are inter-related. Here we introduce the idea of predator - prey relationships.

Then for a bit of fun, there's a do it yourself garden making kit. Here you can drag and drop the components and make your own version of the garden. You CAN print these out by right clicking on a WHITE area of the screen and using the print command from the menu.

Observing a garden can produce a great deal of data. We've used the bird data to make a simple table. Children can use their graphing and language skills to present this data in different ways.

Enchanted Learning contains a real wealth of black line pictures ... most labelled ... for getting to grips with the anatomical terminology,

Then finally, there's the opportunity to visit the Scanning Electron Microscope in Hawaii. Some wonderful pictures there ... you can also zoom in and out for 'real'!!

So perhaps after visiting Uncle Eric's garden and its associated wood, the children will have learned to look a little more closely at the 'ordinary' things around them.