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The Rainbow
The rainbow arches across the sky
It watches where the seagulls fly
The colours are a splendid sight
The sunshine makes them sparkle bright
The Kitten
My kitten has a ball of wool
It chases round and round
It crashes into everything
It never makes a sound
The Fisherman
The fisherman sits by the quiet pond
He tries to catch his tea
And when at last a fish is caught
It's twice as big as he
The Galleon
The Galleon sails across the seas
Pushed onwards by a gentle breeze
The Cat in the Rain
I heard the wind
I felt the rain
It made my fur feel wet again
The Spider
The spider yo-yo's up and down
His web is very sticky
If he tries to go too fast
His tummy might get sicky
The Storm
The thunder cracked
The clouds were black
The rain came pouring down
The lightning flashed
The tall trees crashed
All around the town
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The Windmill
If you climb the windy hill
Follow the path where it goes
You'll hear the clatter of the old windmill
As round and round it blows