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Thank you This award was our first. It just turned up one day.


We were sent this from New Zealand This was attached to an e-mail we were sent from New Zealand It was the right way up
From Australia ... really proud of this one .. This one comes all the way from Australia. All the way from Oz This is for our Aztec section This is from the Hutchinson Research Centre Anyone seen my mammoth?
Five stars We can just see OUR Headteacher wearing a hat like this. It's all Greek to me Our friend from Mexico We were given this award for our Aztec Section. It came all the way from Mexico
Rainbows February 2nd 1999 was our special day. We got plugged in From Canada This award is from our Canadian friends. I'm in orbit

  Thank you to one and all for all the nice things they say about us.

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This was from Eduweb (January 00)

This one was a suprise from the Classics Webring.

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From Edex

Edex made us their site of the month in March 2000

This award came from Canada. The Gadzillion site contains more than 7300 QUESTIONS!!

Gadzillion Award

  That's us

June 2000: We were described as a 'Place of Pilgrimage' by The Guardian.
July 2000; Site of the Month

Thank you to Educate the Children

Educate the Children

How Kind

This comes from the Homework Spot in the good old US of A

  November 2000; Yahooligans
Cool site  of the week .. Home Front
June 2002
Cool Site of the week: Rainbow's Edge


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December 2000

From Connecting Students through Themes

June 2001

The Eurotales section of the site was runner 
up in the Primary Resources category. The 
food at the presentation was very nice.

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June 2002

From Walter McKenzie's
Innovative Teaching Newsletter

We hope it doesn't sound awful ... but we don't accept all the awards that are offered to us.
Some sites will offer an award only in exchange for a link back to their sites ...
we do not accept this type of award.
We do not apply for awards ... only accept those which are freely given.

Our latest award

We VERY much enjoyed the YELL. COM ceremony. It was just like the BAFTAS

June 2003

We won the Maxie A+ Award for Educational Excellence. Maxie said ....
We'll be linking your site from ours all over the place! Our kids will love this. Thanks again for all your work. We will put it to good use in our classrooms.

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  Reviewed by 
Schoolzone - the leading independent educational review body

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March 2007

We have won an award from School Zone for being highly recommended. They said...

This is a really high quality fabulous site and really worth a browse for all your different needs. The site is easy to use and does cover a lot of the history QCA units.