All About Darryl and his family

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These questions will help you to notice things about Darryl that you might have missed.


Where was Darryl born?                                     
How old is Darryl?
When Darryl was at school, what was the name of his teacher?
Which subject did Darryl have difficulties with at school?
Why did Darryl have to hide in the coal shed?
Why did Darryl go to live in a tree house?
How did he know when it was safe to go home?
Who is Marge?
Where did Marge and Darryl meet?
How old was Darryl when he got married?
What does Darryl do each Friday?
What is Darryl's job?
What job did he first do?
How much does Darryl earn?
How does Darryl treat his customers?
Where did Darryl learn to be a refrigeration engineer?
Who is Hubert?
Where did Hubert come from?
When would Darryl be most likely to spend time with Hubert?
How many children has Darryl?
What did Darryl's Mum and Dad do at work?
Where do Darryl and his family go for holidays?
Why do you think he likes to go to cold place? Think of his feet!
What does Darryl do when Marge goes off to play golf?
How does Darryl overcome his main difficulty in life?

Here's a space for notes about  the REST of Darryl's family.

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