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How do I change the display mode?


Please view my Notices page before viewing this area, it is not complete!
This is work in progress.


The display mode can be changed by using mode (rather unsurprisingly). The syntax for using mode to set the display mode is:
mode <display adapter>
<display adapter> Can be chosen using this table:
bw40Black and white with 40 lines.
bw80Black and white with 80 lines.
co40Colour with 40 lines.
co40Colour with 80 lines.
For example use this for colour with 40 lines:
mode co40

This is probably not very useful since there aren't that many uses for these modes.
If however you have ANSI.SYS loaded (and suitable hardware), you have more useful options at your disposal using this syntax:
mode con: cols=80 lines=25
You can use cols=40 should you want to change the number of characters across the screen to 40 instead of 80 as shown in the example.
lines= is more useful because it allows you to change the number of characters down the screen. 25, 43 and 50 are valid.

One final comment, although it is possible to use DOS in graphics modes it's not advisable since it is very slow.


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