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How do I free up conventional memory?


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This is work in progress.


MS-DOS versions 6.00 to 6.22 provide a program called MEMMAKER.EXE which can automatically make adjustments to your system files to free up conventional memory for you. You need an i386 or later processor and extended memory to use it. Never run it under Windows! Memmaker is probably your best bet if you are not too familiar with DOS but you might also like or need to tweak things yourself. I'll show you some ways of going about freeing up conventional memory below.

To find out what's in memory you can use "mem /classify /p" followed by enter, this will list the memory usage of all the TSR's etc. allowing you to locate those which are using a lot of memory and take appropriate action.

Firstly try to locate any drivers or TSR's which you don't really need and remove them. You can also load HIMEM.SYS through your CONFIG.SYS file then load required device drivers into higher memory using DEVICEHIGH and required programs into higher memory using LOADHIGH (or the abbreviated version LH). You must also have the line "DOS=UMB" in your CONFIG.SYS file to do this.

If you still can't free enough conventional memory you could search the Internet for smaller equivalents to the programs you already have. Mouse drivers have smaller equivalents to the ones supplied as standard for example. There's also at least one smaller equivalent to Microsoft's MSCDEX.EXE if you look around.
The list goes on...


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