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Incorrect MS-DOS Version.


Please view my Notices page before viewing this area, it is not complete!
This is work in progress.


Basically this means that the utility you are trying to run is from a different version of DOS to that which you currently are using.
You should either obtain the appropriate utility for the version of DOS you are using or boot your computer with the version of DOS that the utility requires. Be warned that the later option could cause you problems due to incompatibilities between the two versions of DOS.

There is a third way of running the utility, that is to use setver to fool the utility into thinking that it is running under the intended version of DOS. Please refer to the DOS Reference section to see how setver is used.


Trawled this site and still can't find the solution to your problem?
If so I highly recommend The DOS Board.
It has several good techies waiting to answer your questions and I hang around there a lot too.

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