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Date 2 File or Directory

Type: Freeware (see below)
Current Version: 1.1
Size (ZIP file): 11.2KB

A program which will create either a file or directory named using the present date. For instance on the 19 July 2000 the file or directory will be called 19-07-00 (depending on which date format is used). You can use it to make a directory and optionally have it switch to that directory. When used to create a file you can use a pipe to write the contents.
See README.TXT for a complete description. This is free only for non-commercial usage, a small fee is payable for commercial use, please email for details.
Creating dated log files.
Backing up files to a dated directory (as part of a batch file).
Keeping a diary by calling from AUTOEXEC.BAT so that each day it prompts for an entry (if the file doesn't already exist).
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